about us

always people oriented

We find common ground with every client, big or small, and we scale mountains of issues together. What seems difficult today will be trivial by the time we are done.
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Our core values


Love thy client

Success is a relative term, what is true for one person may not be true for another. We embrace the differences, and we tie them together with endless passion for assistance and understanding.


Empathize with end users

Two of the most critical skills in product development are solving problems and caring about the people you’re solving problems for.


Do more

Stopping short of the finish line is never an option, we will stick with you even through the victory lap. Our work does not stop with achieved milestones and deadlines. We provide support and reinforcement to those who need it, and we wish a safe voyage to those who do not.

Cheerful Spirits

Animal Lovers

Tech Enthusiasts


Our story

We grew up with great stories told by great people, with mundane situations turned into adventures of a lifetime. Now we have decided that it’s time to have new adventures. We take what we have, we imagine what it could become, and we reshape reality into legends.

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“People remember stories better than facts and figures.”