Computer repair & maintenance

Patience is a virtue, but your workflow should not be an exercise in it. Cast off the shackles of errors, slow startup times and give your nerves a much-needed vacation.

Black and white photo showing a hand with soldering iron
Black and white photo showing hands that are making a motherboard
Black and white photo showing a hand holding a chip over motherboard
Black and white photo showing a hand using soldering iron on a circuit board
Black and white photo showing a making examining a computer


The best thing about computers is that they are honest to a fault, quite literally in fact – they will spell out the error code with their dying breath. But all is not lost, what is broken can be repaired or replaced, and a dead system can be brought back to life. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and a happy, peppy fast system is in the second place.

Visual for computer repair showing motherboard illustration

Component replacement

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and here it may be the singular component that brings the whole system crashing down. We can find that link and reforge it or replace it with a stronger one.


Some issues cause slowdowns, while others cause meltdowns. We hunt down the seditious processes and components of the system and we declare a war on errorism for the duration of the repair.

Data recovery

We often don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it, and when that happens to important data a trickle of cold sweat turns into a waterfall. We’re here to give you a towel, see what can be done to recover what is lost, and prevent such mishaps in the future with data recovery and backup solutions.

our process

BEHOLD! The miracle of bringing life where there are blue screens of death!

Resurrection is no longer reserved for the divine – sometimes dead systems can also be brought back to life. We can find the point of failure and present you with the available options to get your trusted electronic companion up and running.



To succeed in something first you must fail, and we make the faulty systems fail, A LOT. Every possible scenario where your system gives up the ghost is a clue to find the culprit and a key to restoring order where there is chaos.



No one likes bad news, and an expensive repair is rarely something that brings joy. With all collected clues we present you with as many options as we could find to address the issue.


Solving the issue

When you’re in the business of solving issues, every success carries an enormous amount of passion and love invested in the process. We charge it because we can, but we do it because we want to.



When the device is ready to leave our care, we provide some helpful tips and tricks to ensure it remains a faithful companion for many years to come.