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Powerful, scalable and cost-effective solutions available out of the box to our clients. Need something more specific? We can set it up for you.

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When you first land in the market you may want to hit the ground running. We can offer you ready to go solutions in a moment’s notice. But if you prefer a slower and more calculated approach towards your goal, we can help you set up something custom tailored to your needs.  

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First impressions

Businesses online can make or break a deal depending on the initial look and feel of their website. A broken link is like a broken promise – your online presence should be an unstoppable herald of success and presence in the market, moving at the speed of light from client to client. Some websites are high maintenance, and others are low maintenance, but neither should be your problem.


In the online world, very few things are more terrifying than compromised data; “Just say NO” is not enough to protect your business and your customers. Weak passwords and expired security certificates paint a target on your business, we’re here to provide you with armor.


“If you have enough leverage, you can move the world”, but only a little leverage is needed to tip a prospect into a sale. We can help you reach a wider audience, where you can pay a penny for their thoughts.

Our offer

Hosting pricing

We offer hosting on a case-by-case basis, with careful consideration of reliability, performance, and price ratios. Our offerings are exclusive for managed hosting, where we create a custom-tailored plan to suit your needs and balance expenses. Alternatively, we can direct you to our trusted partners for self-managed hosting if you prefer to hold all the reins and minimize expenses.


monthly hosting

Starting from 6€


Yearly hosting

Starting from 48€


Our offer

Website maintenance pricing

Our maintenance plans include, surprisingly, actual maintenance as well as licenses for software used in creation and operation of your solution. We offer regular check-ups, optimizations, and tweaks to the system or to the content respective of your budget and size of the project.


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