privacy policy

Privacy policy is in accordance with the General regulation of data protection by European Parliament and Council no 2016/679-Regulation and implementation of General regulation of data protection describing in what way the company Divisyon, business for hospitality services (further in text: Divisyon) acts with personal data you submitted during the usage of the web site, but also I other cases that are listed in this Privacy policy.

Users agree with the fact that Divisyon can occasionally, without prior notice change, adjust, extend, remove or in any other way update these conditions of protection of personal data. Latest version of Privacy policy is always located on the website of the company Divisyon.

Changes to the statement of privacy is effective immediately after publishing on website

Privacy rules apply independently of the choice of device – computer, mobile phone, tablet or other devices used to access the website

1. Processing of personal data

These Conditions direct the method of collection, storage and usage of personal data of the users of the websites and applies exclusively to data collected from web sources that contain links to these sites and excludes collection of personal data from any other sources. By using this website you agree to collection and usage of personal data of the users in accordance with the listed conditions. All changes will be published on this website to make all users aware of the nature of personal data that are collected, the way it is used and conditions under which this data can be obtained/extended for review.

Our Conditions for protection of personal data is easy to find because they are located on the homepage, and they are connected to all locations within our website where personal data is collected. These Conditions and additional explanations direct the method of use of personal data that users willingly provide when accessing this website.

User confirms that all comments, ratings and messages on the social network sites are public, rather than private in nature, and because of that the employees of the Company can monitor described communications of the user without their knowledge and explicit consent.

2. Statement of personal data protection

For the purposes of these conditions under the term “personal data”, the following data is considered – name and surname, date of birth, e-mail address, postal address, delivery address, phone number, IP address etc. – based on which the user can be identified. Divisyon generally does not process personal data without prior approval of the user. However, Divisyon retains the right in extraordinary circumstances to perform additional processing of data in the scope that is allowed or required by law, respectively as a part of legal or criminal investigation. Conditions for collection of personal data is detailed further in the text.

3. Collection and usage of personal data

To access our services, no signup/registration is required, so the websites can be used anonymously. Initiating contact through contact forms or e-mail, the user fills out their data (contact data, name and surname, and text can contain other personal data). That data is accessible exclusively to employees of Divisyon company as the recipients in order to address your requests. The submission of personal data is voluntary. We do not process more personal data than is really necessary to address your request.

4. Personal data confidentiality

We explicitly state that Divisyon will not sell, share or in and other way, unless described by these Conditions, provide user’s personal data to third parties. Personal data of the user will occasionally be provided to third parties, which are contracted to provide certain services as representatives or for Divisyon or related to other business services/activities of Divisyon group, for further processing the purpose of which is in accordance with the original purpose of personal data collection, e.g. services or product delivery to users, service analysis or technical support. Those service providers are contractually obliged to use personal data exclusively for contracted purposes and explicitly state that they will not sell personal data to third parties, nor they will make them available to third parties unless required by law. In the case that personal data is provided to third parties, Divisyon will take all necessary measures to ensure that the data is processed exclusively for the purposes compliant with the purpose of collection and within the scope of initial collection of data.

Collected personal data can be provided to third parties in additional two cases:

  • if the business activity of the company that operates these websites and collected personal data of the users on these websites sells, assigns or transfers to third parties, in which case the buyer, legal successor or person to which the business is transferred is obligated to treat personal data in accordance with these Conditions.
  • Due to legal conditions, court order or request of national organisations, respectively if the availability of the data is necessary for legal proceedings or criminal investigation.

5. Access rights

The user has the right to make sure that his data stored on these websites are up to date and correct. In some countries the users have a legal right to request that their personal data be corrected or deleted from the databases. If you want to invoke that legal right, send an e-mail to [email protected]. In the e-mail clearly state which data you want to correct, update or remove. Your request will be addressed quickly and appropriately. Request for deletion of data is subject to valid legal regulations and ethical standards for storage, reporting and documenting of personal data. You have the right to object to processing of personal data which has a legal basis that Divisyon considers legitimate.

If you are not satisfied with the method of collection of usage of your personal data, you can submit an appeal to the Agency for protection of personal data.

6. Security and confidentiality

Divisyon uses technological and security measures, rules and other acts to protect personal data of the users of this Website from unauthorized access, malicious use, revealing, loss or destruction. To ensure confidentiality of the user data of the website uses industry standard measures, e.g. firewall, security certificates and password protection. However, user is obligated to make sure that the device they use is secured and protected from malware like trojans, computer viruses and worms. Website user is aware that without adequate security measures (e.g. safe configuration of the internet browser, up to date antivirus/antimalware software, personal firewall software, avoiding the use of software by suspicious sources etc. ) there is a risk that data and passwords they use to omit access to personal data, can be made available to unauthorized third parties.

7. Anonymous data and cookie use

Divisyon can collect and process anonymous data about access to their websites and searches that users perform. Such anonymous data are used to enhance stored content, and to collect collective statistical data about visitors for the purpose of internal market research. For that purpose website by Divisyon uses cookies that collect data about user’s e-mail address, domain name, date and time of access to the website. Cookies that are set up by our web provider cannot be used to reveal the identity of the individual user. A cookie is a small text file that the provider of website sends to the user’s internet browser and stores it on the storage drive of the user’s device. Cookies do not damage the device. Preferences of the user’s internet browser can be set up so that the internet browser notifies the user of cookie submission, during which the user can decide to accept or reject cookies. Divisyon can occasionally hire third parties for assistance in collection and processing of data described in this article, in which case third parties are subject to described obligations.

Divisyon can occasionally use web labels (i.e. digital images known as action labels, one-pixel GIF images, pure GIF images, invisible GIF images and 1×1 GIF images) to assist cookie delivery, or otherwise for delivery of services of other companies for advertisement. These web labels are placed on web advertisements/commercials that direct users to the website of the company Divisyon and those web labels are used to count visitors that access our web sites, respectively to construct efficiency statistics of our promotional campaigns (including access count for individual pages, viewing data collection etc.). Due to cookies and web labels that are delivered to user’s computer and third parties that are our partners in advertisement can collect anonymous, collective statistical data about users that accessed other websites. We explicitly state that Divisyon will not use cookies and web labels to collect personal data that can lead to direct identification of the user, such as names, postal addresses, delivery addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

8. Links to other web sites

These conditions apply exclusively to web sites of the Divisyon company and exclude third-party web sites. To facilitate the needs and interests of the user, these websites can contain links to third-party websites. However, due to the very nature of the global network, Divisyon cannot provide any guarantees with regard to personal data protection on the websites that you are directed to, nor does it claim any responsibility for the content of those web sites. These Conditions for protection of personal data do not apply to any linked website that is not the property of Divisyon.

Divisyon collects and processes personal data through interactions of te users on social networks like Facebook, Google and Instagram.

Divisyon and companies/persons responsible have access to messages and/or posts on the aforementioned social networks, however, personal data collected through them, especially those contained in the messages, Divisyon does not store or additionally process unless for the needs described in this document.

Divisyon uses a business profile using the services of Facebook, Google and Instagram, and their Privacy policy or confidentiality statements as well as your personal data usage are available at:

FACEBOOK: policy.php

GOOGLE: privacy?hl=hr

INSTAGRAM: 519522125107875

If you have any questions related to collection and processing of data by Facebook, Google and/or Instagram or you would like to exercise some of your rights guaranteed by General regulation for protection of data you can contact:

FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK IRELAND Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland, Department for data protection contact: 540977946302970

If you are not satisfied with the way your personal data is collected, you can contact the Facebook leading body of authority, Irish commissioner for data protection or personal data protection Agency of Republic of Croatia.

GOOGLE: Google Ireland, Ltd., Gordon House Barrow St, Dublin 4, Ireland, Department for data protection contact: policies/contact/general_privacy_form

If you are not satisfied with the way your personal data is collected, you can contact the Youtube leading body of authority, Irish commissioner for data protection or personal data protection Agency of Republic of Croatia.

INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK IRELAND Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland, Department for data protection contact: 540977946302970

If you are not satisfied with the way your personal data is collected by Instagram, you can contact the Instagram leading body of authority, Irish commissioner for data protection or personal data protection Agency of Republic of Croatia.

9. Underage user protection

This website is intended for adults. Divisyon will not consciously collect, use or share personal data about minors (defined as persons under the age of 18). Legal guardian has the right, upon their own request, to review data that were submitted by a minor and/or demand deletion of such data.