System Administration

A healthy system is the beating heart of every business; we can set it up and keep it running smoothly for you.


Depending on your use case, we can implement optimization tweaks, tune-up your software for better performance or stability, and suggest upgrades if needed. Our services are not limited to just businesses – any user can benefit from increased performance, stability, and data security. Regardless if you need a one-time intervention or continuous check-ups, we got you covered.


System administrators are in charge of keeping the entirety of deployed solutions running smoothly, securely and reliably. System administrators assign roles, resources, and permissions for the entire IT stack of the organization, ensuring all employees have everything they need to do the job.


Security is a key aspect of any operation, regardless if it is the way users access the product or the way the team maintains and distributes in-house documentation. The sysadmins need to ensure security of a system in every respect. Every business that relies on computers in any form, needs security measures in place to prevent data compromise and/or loss.


Systems that are hindered by inefficient policies, unnecessary processes, and lack of maintenance lead to slowdowns and interruptions to the workflow of your employees. Regular maintenance and performance adjustments to your system can keep your organization’s workflow operating at a steady pace.

our process

The process is not a lot to process

Having a private chauffeur is a nice way to move around in comfort and be able to do your work without worrying about the traffic rules, but some of us are born for the driver’s seat.  Let us work on what we love so you can work on what you love.



We read error logs like you read news portals. Every warning is a gossip, every critical error is breaking news. We keep up with the times, so you don’t have to.


Solving the problem

After the culprits of the fault are identified, they are caught, tried, and sentenced to patching with no possibility of parole. Computer systems are not democracies.



Once the stability, security and/or performance fixes are done, the system is tested one… last… time… and then a few more times just to be safe.